The Cygnets Art-Masters Course 3 "Around the World" will guide students on a fantastic creative journey around the globe, exploring a huge array of techniques and mediums. The course is suitable for ages 6-106, so can be done by you, your child, or as a family!



This course includes:



  • (Optional) Enormous pack of brand new art materials delivered to you anywhere in the UK, including everything you will need for the projects, and more! Just select add material pack when checking out. You can also add additional packs for other family members.
  • Access to 12 online video classes. These are taught and filmed step-by-step exactly as they would be in the class. Students can access them at any time; however many times they want, and pause/ restart when necessary. Each class will teach students a new technique or medium to build their core artistic skills.

  • Email/Phone Support, Advice & Feedback from our professional artist-teachers, whenever needed.
  • Entry into our Amazing Ongoing Competitions with new winners and prizes regularly announced!

Art Masters Course | Around the World

  • The materials needed for this course are listed below. You may have this at home already, but if not you can add a materials pack at checkout, and we will send you everything needed straight to your door, anywhere in the UK!


    If you have previously bought a course from us and want to arrange a discounted "top up pack" of materials for this course, then please email us at


    • A3 Cartridge Paper 
    • A3 Thin Cartridge Paper for Printing (120gsm or less)
    • A3 Watercolour Paper
    • A3 Black Paper/Card
    • Pencil
    • Sharpener 
    • Eraser 
    • Soft Pastels 
    • Oil Pastels 
    • Coloured Pencils
    • Dip Pen & Nibs
    • Silver Paint Pen/ Silver Acrylic Paint
    • Inks (Coloured & Black)
    • Watercolour Set
    • Acrylic Paint Set (Primary Colours + Black & White)
    • Set of Fineliners 
    • Watercolour Brushes
    • Palette 
    • Water Pot 
    • Air Drying Clay 
    • Sculpting Tools/ Cocktail Sticks
    • Masking Tape 
    • Fixative Spray 
    • A4 Acrylic Sheet
    • Printing Roller 
    • A4 Foam Printing Sheet
    • Black Printing Ink 
    • PVA Glue


    We also recommend always using a table covering, and wearing messy clothes/ an apron when doing classes!

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