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Cygnets is a UK art school franchise that was founded by married artist couple Tabby and Hessy in 2015. The school started with its first branch in Kingston upon Thames, but soon expanded to nearby Richmond, and now has multiple franchises across the country, offering amazing art classes for ages 6-106. Click here if you're interested in starting a Cygnets franchise in your area!


Cygnets' focus is on the teaching of traditional drawing, painting and sculpture, combined with unique projects; experienced teachers, and professional quality materials. Our special step-by-step teaching method means that we can cover advanced techniques and subjects, even with younger students. Each project is designed carefully by us to cover a new skill or medium that can be learnt and used for a lifetime. Click here to find your nearest Cygnets branch!


Cygnets Online offers online versions of our amazing classes, that can be done from home by anyone in the country, or even the world! They're taught exactly as they are in our in-person classes, and are suitable for you, your child, or can even be done together as a family. You can choose to buy just the course, or we can deliver an exciting pack of all the materials needed to your door! Plus our professional artist-teachers are available via email for help and feedback whenever needed. Click here to browse our selection of courses on offer!

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